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Knit Companion

Do you struggle with paper patterns? Can’t keep track of where you’re at, or lose your sticky note? Do you have trouble keeping notes for the next project? This class is for you. Knitting Companion is a paid app on either Apple or Android devices. Like Ravelry, the features are immense. Come find out what Knitting Companion can do for you.

Instructor Bio:

Angela Fulp is a self-taught knitter who began her journey in 2004. Her passion for knitting soon grew and she discovered that she found great joy in not only learning new techniques herself, but also in helping others learn new skills in the craft. She started a knitting group that meets three times a week where she can have the best of both worlds—working on her favorite colorwork projects while also teaching others.


Please bring your own device, a pad or laptop to class with Knitting Companion already loaded. You should have at least one pattern in your Ravelry library you can use, or be able to take a PDF pattern through Dropbox for loading into Knitting Companion.

Event starts at: 20/05/2023 1:00 pm
Event ends at: 20/05/2023 3:00 pm

Cost: $100.00

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